Hi, I’m Anna Romero


The Personal Stuff

Anna headshotI am a soul-searching, trailing running, jigsaw puzzle-solving type of gal. I love connecting the dots and creating focus so the crazy turns into just a few simple ideas. When I indulge in a great piece of chocolate, the world stops while I savor that moment.

I live in an honest-to-goodness tiny house (on wheels!) with my man and my cat Ajax. I LOVE this lifestyle.

I prefer the solitude of trees and back-country roads to the bustling excitement of the city.

My childhood stuffed animal “Dido the wonder Dog” still hangs out on my bed.

The Professional Journey

My passion is to help people live deeper, meaningful lives by doing work that inspires them. Imagine if everyone’s eyes lit up when they talked about what they do for a living. What a happier, more engaged world this would be!


My Struggles

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do with my work life. For years, I had a job that gave me just enough of what I wanted to keep me going. Every workday morning, I’d wake up and looked at the part of my job that I liked and I held on to that for dear life. It motivated me to keep showing up and be great at what I did. But what I knew deep down inside, the part that I didn’t want to look at or admit to myself was that I was burning for something different. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I wanted to do something that touched people at a deeper level. Denying it proved futile because it would nag at me. I felt a constant pulling deep in my gut. I felt envy for those people who knew what they wanted to do and were doing it. The happy ones. I wanted to be one of them. And so I finally gave in to the feeling.


The Search Begins

Admitting that I wasn’t going to be happy in my corporate job was just the beginning. I spent years wandering aimlessly looking for that ‘thing’ that would spark me up. I took every promising twist and turn that showed up: from massage therapy to hypnosis to teacher, speaker and presenter. Along the way, people would ask what I did for a living and when I told them where I worked, they would get starry-eyed and tell me how lucky I was to have my job. Many couldn’t understand why I wanted to leave. Because I had such a hard time finding what I truly wanted to do, I even began to doubt myself. I’d lie awake at night wondering if I knew how to be happy.


Finding My Spark

While in the middle of pursuing yet another twisty path; this time down the non-profit sector, I met up with a friend of mine who told me about how life coaching changed her life. As she described the process, how reluctant she was at first to how she came to believe that it could help her make the changes she had been looking for and finally to see the results in her life, a thunderclap shot out over my head. For the first time in the long time, I could feel the spark light up inside. Here finally was something that spoke to me that I could also do to help people create change from the core.


From Clarity To Movement

Once I found what I wanted to do with my work life, I threw myself into this new plan. I trained to be a life coach all the while feeling like I’d found what I was looking for. The feeling stayed with me so consistently that the fear of leaving my job for something unknown left me. Even before I became officially certified as a life coach, I quit my job after 15 years of service. I haven’t looked back since, and I owe that to having a rock-solid ‘yes’ in my gut that told me I had found my path.


Where I Am Now

So now I’m on the path to help people find fulfillment in their own careers. I’m thrilled with my career and finally feel like I’m right where I belong, and that’s what I’d like to do for you. Plus, I’d like to help you get there as quickly as possible, so you won’t spend months (years!) looking for that work that lights you up. The sooner you know what you want to do, the better you can direct your energy towards making that dream a reality.

If you’d like some help finding that spark in your career, then let’s work together! You can also sign up below and get free tips on creating a career you love.

Here’s to your career journey. Make it a great one!