Hi, I’m Anna Romero

Working for a living doesn’t have to be hard. It can be productive, supportive and exciting. You can be a happier, fulfilled, successful person doing work you love.

If you were to describe your job, it would be Soul-Crushing.

Which is so NOT what you want for yourself.

You’re looking for your job to be:




But a ton of hurdles stand in your way:

  • You’d rather be doing something…almost anything…else, but you have NO IDEA what that is
  • Everyone around you keeps telling you to be grateful for your job, so you’re not getting any support
  • You’d rather hide under the covers than face another stressful, crazy, tiring work day
  • And how can you possibly muck around with your job when you’ve got financial responsibilities up the wazoo?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can do work that makes you want to pinch yourself because it’s so good.


But you have a choice to make.

1. You can keep pretending to love your work when you’d rather tear your eyes out.

– OR –

2. You can do work you actually enjoy.

If you chose door #2, I can help.

I help stressed professionals on the verge of burnout take control of their career, so they can do engaging, motivating work that fulfills them.

Working for a living doesn’t have to be hard. When your job tears at your soul, it may seem like there’s no real solution. But, I can tell you that it’s possible! You can be a happier, fulfilled, successful person doing work you love.

Are you dying to believe me? Let me tell you a story.


I did everything I was supposed to do:
  • Worked hard in school…✅
  • Got a sought-after degree…✅
  • Landed a kick-ass space job…✅

The job was perfect! It was challenging, kept me busy and took care of me financially. I felt accomplished, and uber-ecstatic that life was going so unbelievably well.

When you first got your job, you didn’t get into it thinking “I now have a soul-sucking job that’s going to ruin my life!”

No! Life was probably REALLY good when you got hired at your current job.

And then things changed.

When Work Problems Show Up

I was working longer hours, doing things outside of my work description, and getting passed over for promotions. These changes crept up slowly, so even though, they were disappointing, I just adjusted to them.

That’s how it was for years until one day, I noticed that I wasn’t enthusiastic about my work anymore.

The stress and overwhelm that hits any job was no longer worth it. At the end of the workday, I frequently felt empty. Sunday evenings were filled with anxiety at the thought of starting the work week all over again.

This was frustrating because it started out so well. What happened?

Do you often ask yourself where you went wrong in your career?

Getting to the Boiling Point

Well, I knew exactly how to fix this. I was just going to look for something else. Spoiler alert!! This didn’t go well.🙄

I ran around like a hamster in a wheel trying to find some other job that I could be happy with. But, I kept coming back to where I started because I didn’t know what I was looking for.

Meantime, the frustration kept building.

I hated going to bed because I knew that when I got up, I’d have to go to work all over again. I was frequently cranky after work and complained about what was wrong with my job. I’d sometimes burst into tears as soon as I got into my car because I didn’t want to start the cycle again.

Amazon became my trigger-happy dopamine fix so I could make myself feel better.

When you’re drowning in what’s supposed to be your livelihood, a way out just doesn’t seem possible!

Until one day I understood what was really going on.

What I Finally Figured Out About Work

The reason I was trying to run away from my job was because it had managed to leak into every single part of my life!

I worked full tilt all day, sometimes eating lunch at my desk or not taking lunch. Sound familiar? How about bringing work home…all the time? Yup, guilty! And, email was the first thing I did when I woke up because I could be missing something.

I basically put my job above everything: my health, my personal time, and peace of mind.

Work had taken over my life, and I was asleep at the wheel!

Yup! I was there. Feeling alone and sorry for myself; wanting to quit my job to get away from it all and not having any CLUE what I wanted out of my career

We just aren’t taught how to make our jobs work for us.

We wait for our boss, our management, coworkers…anybody…to ease the burden. But, no one comes to the rescue, so we keep dealing with it.

It’s only when we’re ready to blow that we think about making changes. But at that point, we just want to run away screaming!

What if, instead of going through all that, you could take control of your career and get what you want from it?

Fitting my job into my life (instead of trying to live my life around my job) made all the difference with my work satisfaction.

Stress was easier to handle, my productivity went through the roof, and I was more engaged in my job.

When I finally decided it was time to go, instead of running away from what I didn’t want, I was looking towards the meaningful career I actually wanted.

Why This Matters To You


I’m on a mission to help you do work that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning because you can’t wait to start your day!

Imagine waking up and being excited about going to work.

When you’re engaged in what you do, you put your energy towards doing your work instead of wishing you were somewhere else. You’re motivated, confident and productive. And at the end of the day, you come home with a smile on your face because you completed another successful, fulfilling day at work.

Are you ready to be fulfilled by your career?

Whether or not you’re ready to leave your job, there are valuable things you can do right now to create a career you love.

You don’t have to turn your whole life upside down to make it happen. Even small tweaks will improve your work situation drastically so that you can feel more excited and motivated about your work. Together, we’ll figure out what you want out of your career and how to get it.

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Here’s to your career journey. Make it a great one!