You probably have a few friends who are excited and happy about their jobs and can’t believe they get they paid to do it. Then there’s you. If you’re feeling left out and want to know how to bring more enjoyment into your job, then come on in and find out how you can be as excited about your work as your friends are.

Most people aren’t going to jump up and down when you ask them how much they like their jobs. You might not even be one of them.
But, you probably have one or two outlier friends who are excited to get back to work and can’t believe they get paid for what they do. 
I’m sure you’re just ecstatic for them and their good fortune……or not. Because, really, why should they have all the luck when YOU’RE waking up to a blaring alarm⏰, resisting the urge to hide under the covers 🛏 as you drag yourself into another dreadful work day 🏢.
Well, if this is you, then listen or read along below because I’ve got something that’ll help you out.

Here are 3 ways to make your workday more fun and enjoyable and bring that joy back in.

1. What is Your Job’s Purpose?

First off, the difference between you and your lucky friends is that they’re getting meaning out of their career. This might be a sense of accomplishment, using skills they’re amazing at, interactions that motivate them….

It could be all sorts of things.

The reason why this matters is because when your job means more to you than just a paycheck, you bring in more of yourself into it. Your time, your effort, your energy, creativity. 

You bring YOU in.

That leads to feeling successful and proud of the work you do. All good stuff!

If you’re stuck trying to figure out what your job means to you, think about what motivated you to seek your job in the first place. If that meaning is still valid, then make that your main focus.  If not, it might be time to give yourself a whole new meaning. 

Then, instead of thinking about what you don’t want out of your job think about how you can get more of THAT meaning into your daily workday.

2. Lifestyle and Time

How you tend to spend your free time in your personal life? Maybe, you love to socialize with friends. Or, perhaps you prefer to spend quiet evenings at home.

The more your job reflects how you like to spend your time at home, the more you’ll enjoy your work. 

If you’re a social bug, then find ways to bring that socialization into your job. Make it a point of working in teams, schedule meetings with your coworkers to brainstorm, or organize a work party. 

On the other hand, if you prefer lots of alone time, then having time to yourself in your job is going to be super important. Go for a walk, or schedule a meeting with yourself and actually work in a meeting room so you’re not disturbed.

Make it a point of spending your time at work just like you do when you’re at home. 

3. Environment

The more your office looks like your home, the more you’ll feel comfortable in it.

Forget about how others have set up their offices. Do yours up just like it was another room at home. Put up pictures, hang posters and drapes. If you’ve got a comfy chair at home that you love, get one in your office too.

The more that you make your office your own, the more “at home” you’ll feel in it. And the more chances that you’ll actually want to spend time in it.

Final Note

Your job won’t necessarily give you everything you could ever hope for. But, the good news is that, just like relationships, putting some effort in will keep the love sparking. Go ahead and give that a try. Leave me a comment about the one thing you’re going to change to bring that love back into your job.

Feature photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash