It’s easy to be grateful for the parts of your life that are going well. But what do you do when you’re struggling to be grateful for a job that doesn’t give you what you need?

Thanksgiving is here, and gratitude is in the air.

It’s also a time that people feel a little resentment for their career because they can’t say with absolution that they are grateful for their job. Some feel like they should be grateful or have been told they have to be.

It can be difficult to figure out where the problem is. Is it your boss, your crazy coworkers or the sheer amount of work that piles on your desk?

You might even wonder when you know how to be completely happy with what you have.

In this video, I share a tip that’ll help you feel more grateful for your job without needing to force yourself to do it.

It’s a simple tweak that’ll allow you to acknowledge your job for the complicated mess that it is. And, it just might make you feel happier about it.

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Feature photo by Cecile Vedemil on Unsplash