If you’re hating on your career, it might just be that you’re not taking care of the most important part of it: YOU. In this video, we go through why taking care of yourself is necessary if you want to enjoy the work you do.

We know we should take care of ourselves. Really, we do. But there’s no time or we just can’t afford it, or…or…

Do those excuses sound familiar?

In my corporate days, I used to insist I was FINE, and then buck up and power through my day. I came up with plenty of excuses to delay taking care of myself because it just pulled me away from everything I had to get done.

This worked for awhile, but it also left me ragged. It wasn’t until I kept biting heads off that I realized that I wasn’t being good to myself and something had to change.

Below I talk about what happens when you keep running on empty and why you’ve got to make yourself a priority if you ever want to truly enjoy your work.



Stress is a Happiness Blocker

Got Stress? You probably do, and you know a gazillion other people who are in the same boat too. We’ve gotten used to using stress to let us know that we’re being productive. And since everyone is doing it, it must be ok.

But stress actually keeps you from being happy and content at work.

When you’re in stress, you’re in survival mode. You’re running around putting out fires, taking care of everything and everyone around you.

You’ve got a ToDo list a mile long and you tell yourself that, once you’re done, you’ll be able to relax and put your feet up, and THEN enjoy your life.

But, do you actually finish your 100+ things to do? Or, do you just keep piling more on throughout the day?

Here’s what likely happens at the end of the day:
  1. You run out of time, and your list isn’t done. OH NO!!
  2. You don’t give yourself that much-needed break because you didn’t finish your list
  3. A whole new day begins with a whole new list.
  4. Repeat!

And taking care of yourself falls further and further behind.


Why Running on Empty Sucks!

You could have the perfect job for you. But if you’re empty and can’t give anymore, then your work is going to be hell.

You’ll get snappy and pissy at everyone. You’ll want to kill your boss. You’ll dream of throwing your coworkers down the stairs. You’ll wish you could hide under your desk and cry.

And the reason is that you’ve emptied yourself out and the whole wide world is still asking you for more.

So what’s a working 9-to-5er to do?




When you replenish, you’ll fill yourself up and then be able to give so much more of yourself to your work and life. And you’ll do it happily, contently and freely.

You’ll be way more productive at work, and you’ll give yourself a chance at enjoying your work. 😮 Imagine that, being able to enjoy your career!

And, don’t wait until your environment recognizes that you need some TLC. Don’t wait for your boss to reward you with an extra day off. Don’t wait for your spouse to say “Oh honey, let me rub your feet!”

Taking care of yourself can seem like a luxury you can’t afford or don’t have time for. If that’s you, then I give you permission to drop that nonsense right now. It’s vital to replenish to enjoy your career and life. So, if you’ve been thinking about doing yoga or getting a massage for awhile now, go and do it.

Let me know in the comments what you’ll do this week to replenish yourself. It could be as simple as getting yourself an ice cream. The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll feel better and be able to enjoy your career again.

Feature photo by ian dooley on Unsplash