Do you actually know when and how your job stresses you out? The answer may surprise you.

The alarm goes off, and you hit the snooze button. Burying your head under the covers, you pretend for just a second that the world doesn’t exist. Except that anxiety about your day creeps in, and your heart races.

So, when the alarm goes off again, you groan at it, bang at it, even yell at it. And finally, resign to get up and face the inevitable.

You’re going to work today!

Before you wash your face and brush your teeth, you’re already checking your work email. You’re worried about possible issues that you need to take care of RIGHT NOW.

You send an email here, an email there. Now, you’re going to be late for the office. You quickly throw yourself together, grab your laptop and coffee, and run out of the house.

Does that sound like you?

This was exactly me…well, except for the coffee part. I’m more of a tea worshipper 😉

I thought I was being proactive and getting ahead of the game. But what I failed to see was that I was stressing before I even got to work.

Do You Know When You Stress?

When you see someone at the office burst into tears or repeatedly stab desk papers with their pen, you can probably guess they’re a little stressed out.

But stress can also be more subtle.

If you’ve ever buried your face in your hands, missed lunch because you’ve got way too many things to do, wanted to kill your office mates, and wondered how you got stuck doing the work you’re doing, then you’ve got stress looming all over you.

Not sure whether you might be experiencing stress without knowing it? Check out the “Am I Stressing” quiz below!

When your boss hands you a new project that needs to be done today, do you:

How’d you do? Post your answer below.

The key to not turning into an angry, screaming, heaping soggy mess when overwhelming stress hits you is to recognize the warning signs right off the bat.

Next time you pound your fist onto your desk, yell at your phone, hide in the bathroom and run away from your office, just remember that it’s stress trying to sneak up on you.

Recognize it, and give yourself some breathing space.

On the following post, we’ll talk about the specifics of how and why you stress in the workplace and what you could do about it.

For now, go through your day, and see if you can take care of a stressful situation when it’s still small and subtle.

Feature photo by delfi de la Rua on Unsplash