If you’re having trouble sticking to your New Year’s resolutions and you’re sure that they just aren’t for you, then maybe this one tweak will make you change your mind.

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? 🎆

If you’re the kind to make resolutions, then you probably started them with a sense of hope and optimism. If you’re still going full swing with them, then go you. That’s great!

For the rest of us, resolutions tend to have a downward trajectory.

The Typical Resolution Lifecycle

Let’s say that you’ve resolved to go to the gym every other day 🏋. The first day that you go may be great. Your endorphins are flowing and you feel like you can do anything.

The 2nd time is pretty good too.

Then life happens. Things get in the way, or you may have gotten a better deal🍷, so you don’t go. The next time, you double up, and it’s not so fun anymore.

You don’t go the next time. Or the next time.

And just like that, you’ve fallen off your trajectory 📉.

This is when most people tell themselves that they’re a failure and beat themselves for not committing to something they promised themselves. And that feeling just sucks!!

A Better Way To Make Resolutions

So I have a better way of creating resolutions that’ll make them stick.

Start with what you do want instead.

Once you have that, THEN figure out what you can do to get it.

In the gym example, what you want might actually be to have a healthier body.

Looking at it this way, there are a ton of different ways to get that. You can go swimming, or go for a run. You can take the stairs and go for a walk. You can change your eating habits and get more sleep.

When you look at what you do want, it opens the doors for being flexible with how to get it.

And this applies to your work situation as well.

Let’s say you want less stress at work. That might mean learning to say ‘no’ to your boss who keeps giving you extra work last-minute. That might mean getting away from your desk during your breaks and going for a walk. Or you might need to turn into a delegating master.

Getting What You Really Want

Make sure that you really want what you say you do.

In this culture, moving up, heading up and doing is a sign of success and accomplishment. If that’s you and this lifestyle makes you deliriously happy, then keep doing it. It’s working!

But if this way of life is making your miserable, then stop listening to everyone who tells you what you should want in life.

If you don’t want the promotion that everyone at work says you should go after, then don’t go after it.

If you’d rather come home and sit in front of the tv with the family for hours instead of hitting the gym and that makes you happy, then do that instead.

Final Thoughts

We’re the happiest when we go after what we truly want.

So, figure out what you actually want (instead of what others tell you that you need to have), and THEN figure out all the different ways that you can get it.

You’ll be able to stick to your resolutions in no time.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!



Feature photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash