Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Make a decision and move your career forward.

You’ve been staring at the work clock for the last 10 minutes wishing it would go faster. In reality, you have a ton of work to do, but you’re not motivated to get it done.

Maybe your work is overwhelming and stressful. Or it bores you to tears so it’s hard to stay engaged.

What you do know is that your job isn’t working for you, and you’re thinking about leaving. There’s gotta be more meaningful and exciting work out there!

But you’re afraid of throwing it all away because you’ve put so much time and effort into this job.

And you’re worried that changing jobs will disrupt your current lifestyle. What if you have to work nights and weekends? Or you can’t afford the mortgage AND those nice vacations you’ve been taking?

So you decide to stay put in your job.

Except that your home life is also suffering.

You’re so tired at the end of the work day that all you want to do is plop in front of the tv. You don’t have the energy to engage with your family. Conversations with your friends are about how work sucks. And, you haven’t been exercising in awhile, and it shows.

There used to be a time when you loved your career, and your home life was going so well. When did it all change?

If only you knew what direction to take your career!


Finally knowing what you want to do with your career. No more second-guessing yourself and making wishy-washy decisions that change every day.

Knowing exactly how your decision affects your current home and work life. So, you can confidently move forward with the right career decision.

Regaining the purpose in your career that you lost somewhere along the way and start seeing how every day contributes to your chosen career path.

Coming home full of energy after a successful day at work.

I can help you enjoy your career again.

I work with 9-to-5ers who are struggling to figure out whether they want to stay or quit their jobs. They want to do work they love that pays the bills and gives them the time and energy for what matters in life. I help them decide what career path to take so they can live and work on their own terms.

You’ve probably been stuck for months or even years trying to figure out what the heck you want out of your work life.  With this package, we’ll wade through your competing thoughts so you can once and for all decide what path is going to take you towards the work you dream of.

After working together, you’ll:

  • Know whether you want to quit your job or stay
  • Identify what’s been keeping you stuck spinning in circles and find ways to get past that roadblock
  • Discover the exact steps to take to work towards the career you want, even if you’re not ready to quit
  • Have at least one solid action step you can take towards working the way you want.

The “Should I Stay or Should I Go” Plan includes:


Career Decision Profile

This questionnaire dives into what is and isn’t working for you in your career. It’s the first step in getting clear on the direction you want to go.

We’ll use your answers during the session to figure out what’s keeping you stuck and what steps you’ll need to take to put your career decision into action.


Decision Strategy Session

During this 60-minute phone session, we’ll jump into the nitty-gritty of your career indecision. We’ll bring up all the competing thoughts you have about your career and prioritize them so you can come to a clear, confident decision.

After this session, you’ll know for sure whether you want to leave your job or stay. And, you’ll be ready to take action again in no time!


Career Action Plan

In our session, we’ll create a customized plan with clear, doable steps so you can take action immediately after the call. You’ll also learn what questions to ask yourself so you can make future decisions about your career.


Follow Through Check-in

Two weeks after the session, we’ll have a 30-minute phone check-in to see how your plan is working for you. We’ll use this time to answer any questions you have, remove any barriers still blocking your way, and make adjustments to your plan. You’ll have what you need to follow through on your plan long after we work together.

Take action in your career again

By signing up for this package, you’ll get the help you need to take you from indecision to action. It’s time you started working on your own terms. Let’s get you clear on how to make that happen.

Investment: $149

Let’s Get Started

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Step 2. Pick a session time, then fill out the Career Decision Profile. Once done, you’ll be asked for payment to confirm your session.

Step 3. At our scheduled time, I’ll call you, and we’ll get you clear on your next career steps.

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